PageXL Affiliate Program

PageXL Affiliate Program

Become a PageXL ambassador
and earn 30 % commissions!

It’s free!

How it works ?

Affiliation is a referral system that allows you to earn commissions on sales made through the traffic you bring to PageXL by sharing a personal and unique link.

  • Each time a visitor registers on PageXL from your link, it is stored for 30 days in a cookie of its browser.
  • If this visitor subscribes to a PageXL plan within this 30-day period, a commission of 30% of the amount (excl. sales tax) is credited to your affiliate account.
  • Whenever your affiliate account exceeds the 100 € threshold, you can request the payment of your commissions.
  • The most active ambassadors will win free goodies: quotation in our newsletter, free PageXL plans, t-shirt, stickers, exclusive information…

Example: if a visitor land on the PageXL site from your affiliate link and purchases a Studio plan at 192€/year (i.e. 160€ excl. 20% VAT in France for instance), your affiliate account will be credited with 30% of the tax-free amount, or 48€ of gain for you in a single sale!

Access to the PageXL Affiliate Program is free and open to everyone. Sign in or create a free PageXL account and click on the ACCOUNT icon to find your affiliate links and share them:

  • On social networks (buttons are available directly in PageXL under your affiliate links for that).
  • On your blog or website by promoting PageXL in a section, a footer, a review, etc.
  • By email to your friends or customers through a newsletter.
  • By making video tutorials on PageXL.
  • On discussion forums about website creation.
  • By hosting meetups.

Feel free to use our press kit (logos, screenshots, texts …) to highlight your affiliate link and collect more commissions.

If you have any question or need assistance, contact us.

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